Where Energy Efficiency and Staffing Expertise Meet

Skill Demand Energy, led by an executive team with deep knowledge and experience in both energy efficiency and resource solutions, combines new technology with proven strategies to meet the needs of our clients throughout the globe. We specialize in providing the full spectrum of Energy Efficiency Professionals for utility programs anywhere in the country. Skill Demand Energy mission is use the human touch to identify, develop, and deliver qualified, skilled, and fully trained resources that will improve your energy efficiency initiatives.

Full Spectrum Staffing


QA Inspectors

Program Administrators

Field & Logistics Coordinators

Field Coordination

Skill Demand Energy provides skilled, trained and experienced field staff for your energy efficiency programs. Our field coordination staff aid in program implementation, quality control, retail programs and more.

Technical Support

Skill Demand Energy provides technical support to our clients for their software and applications. Participation increases when processes are easy. We work diligently to ensure everything progresses smoothly.

Information Management

Skill Demand Energy information management team works diligently to ensure our clients’ programs are working properly. Our staff members design applications and software to ensure our clients programs run smoothly. We guarantee that our clients information is safe and protected.

Direct Install

Skill Demand Energy provides direct installation of energy efficient lighting and products in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Our direct install technicians have training and experience in the field.

Additional Offerings

Inventory Management

Auditor and Resource Tracking

Scheduling and Call Center Support


Skills, Technical and Certification Training

We develop each team member to ensure they are equipped with the skills needed. Our team members are experienced on a variety of auditing tools and we train to proprietary tools as needed. In addition, our training division is capable of providing energy efficiency certification training such as Building Performance Institute (BPI), HERS rater, Solar Energy Training and other industry certifications.